Rogoznica is a turistic place with the port, 25 kilometers south from Šibenik, and 8.5 kilometers from Primošten. Agriculture, fisheries and tourism is the basis of the economy. The place is situated on the peninsula, it use to be a little island Kopara ,and in the other half of the XIX sencury it is conected with the land.

Rogoznica its visitors also offers peace and relaxation complletely different from modern life. Rogoznica is frequently visited by the sailors. Marina Frapa is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic sea, and it is known as the safest harbor on the Adriatic, it is situated in the bay of Rogoznica east from the Cape Ploče.

It was already inhabited in acient times. The church was built in 1615, and it was reconstructed in XIX. Century. On the top of the place there are the remains, who were started to built by the French 1809. In Rogoznica there are also medieval church, such as the church of St. Nicholas (with tombstone) and Blessed John of Trogir, made in the forms of medieval Dalmatian architecture, in the bay is built an artificial island for the Marina Frapa.

Rogoznica has a natural phenomenon that has a speciall significant for the tourists. On the peninsula there is a lake called Dragon`s Eye, the lake is filled with saltwater,and it has irregulary oval shape, with surface 5300 m2 and depth 15 meters. Very near this phenomenon, in the vally Soline there is a port of an elite nautical tourism Marina Frapa high class with many facilities and with 400 place to berth a boat. The main beach is gravel with long entrance, ideal for children to play. The beaches made from stone are in the part that is covered with pine trees. The spirit of the Adriatic you can feel in the evry conor of this little place, such as beautifull beaches, and landscapes is the part of the things that makes Rogoznica an ideal resting place for tourists.

Except of sunbathing and swimming tourists can also enjoy other cultural and artistic events, such as the fisherman`s party (first satrday in august). Because of location Rogoznica is perfect for the water sports, and recreation on the cost and in the sea. You can also find a seacret places for swimming and sunbathing. Rogoznica is a place with a post office,pharmacy,shops,markets,banks and restaurants,and it is an ideal place to spend your summer vacation with family and friends.


ŠIBENIK 25 km, is one of the most beautiful stone cities of the Mediterranean. Except if you’re walking by foot, you will hear your steps loudly on the stone portals, squares, city palaces and churches of this unique Croatian city. From the Church of St. Jakov,if you look down you can see seventy one builders, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, farmers, fishermen… their wives and children, such as the dead guard of UNESCO heritage. Šibenik is knowed as acoustic city, it has borne forth the nobliest Croatian singers and composers, while to the children of the world it offers its stone walls as a resounding stage, a frame for their art: drawing, acting, joy and song. Šibenik is surrounded by natural heritage. The city is situated very close to the National parks the Krka Waterfalls and Kornati, are truly rare blessing of the natural beauty. Two national parks, are only fifty kilometers away from each other,but at the same time very different from each other. NP Kornati archipelago of 89 islands and islets (total 152) with its unique beauty gives pleasure to the boaters and admiration, especially because of the steep cliffs and awe. After all, fascinated by them was also famous writer George Bernard Shaw who wrote: "On the last day of his Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath." National Park Krka River is a river full of travertine barriers, waterfalls and lakes,which beauty can take your breath away and is one of the top favorite tourist postcards from Croatia.

TROGIR 25 km, is a town who is on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage and it is consider Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe, offers a lot of sights that are worth visiting. The places you must see if you are visiting the city are: Cathedral of Saint Lawrence with its remarkable portal by Master Radovan, the Kamerlengo Fortress, the Town Gate, the Čipiko Palace, the Town Hall, the Church of Saint Nicholas, the city museum, the picture gallery and the ‘Kairos’ art collection.

SPLIT 50 km, is an eternally young and fascinate town with about 200.000 inhabitants who are giving the city a warm Mediterranean temperament. It has lived by its urban rhythm for 1700 years, with its centar in the Palace of Diocletian and it gladly expects your visit. From that time till now a millennial duration of the town under the protection of UNESCO is written in the Register of World cultural inheritance. This cultural inheritance is writing the history and the present age of the unique metropolis of Dalmatia. Famous historical monuments are: The Palace of Diocletian on the foundations of which Split was built, with its 30.000 sq.m., represents a unique onument of antique building. The Palace jealously keeps alive a story of love of ancient times and Christianity, of the mausoleum which is nowadays the most ancient and the smallest cathedral in the world, on the Jove's Temple which was a baptismal font of Croatian kings, on Peristil which represents today the most beautiful stage in the world and of the town which represents a door of culture for Dalmatian region.

How to find us

Transport connetion with Rogoznica from Split (50 kilometers) or Šibenik (30 kilometers) provides an easy arrival to visitors,by car or by bus.You can come in Rogoznica driving with the local road,or taking a bas through the Adriatic highway (M2,E65).From the highway you can fallow the road for Šibenik or Split,inclusion on the Adriatic highway there are the mark for the Primošten or Trogir. From entrance to Rogoznica,from the Adriatic highway follow the main road and turn right before the bridge following the traffic mark to the Marina Frapa.Approximately 200 meters before the Marina Frapa are located apartments Vesna.

Sport and entertainment

For all those who love and appreciate the untouched nature, crystal-clear sea, lonesome bays, a fascinating seabed, everything for an absolute holiday for your body and soul, Rogoznica is the ideal choice.

If you like adventures, dive into the deep blue sea and achieve your inner peace and balance, feel the harmony going through your body and forget all your worries. Beauty, harmony and calmness in an almost weightless feeling is what diving is offering you. If you wish to see the world under the water surface and you are not willing to dive, there is also a small submarine which will lead to you to the beauty. A taxi or a rent boat will show you Rogoznica from the sea.

Rogoznica is an attractive location for sailing, with one of the most luxury marina of the Adriatic sea,the Marina Frapa.

Besides sailing, you can also go cruising and discover landscape, the national parks Krka and Kornati. Visit the natural phenomenon, the lake „Dragons's eye“, and jump into its fresh water. There are many legends and myths about its origination.

If you prefer more sports on the land, there are many kilometers of bicycle trails. Discover the debris with the scents of Mediterranean plants with a breathtaking panoramic view of Rogoznica, surrounded by islands and old picturesque villages.

And when the night falls, the pizzerias and numerous restaurants with Dalmatian specialties and apical wines will please everyone’s taste and will be surrounded by a flattering Dalmatian atmosphere. If you wish to experience some adventures and summer romances, there is the rich night life. Several bars will make sure that your night will pass in an entertaining rhythm. The night club “Admiral” in the Marina Frapa and the popular “Aurora” with world famous DJ-s offer you a fullness of entertainment and crazy nights till the early morning hours.

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